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What Ingredients are in C9-T11?

CLA is great, it has been shown to contribute to significant fat loss in certain doses and lean muscle development in higher doses. But there is no way to increase muscle mass by 100% in one week or 700% in 7 weeks, and CLA is certainly no match for creatine or other powerful testosterone boosters. Nor do they actually disclose the amount of CLA used, making it doubtful that they use enough to promote weight loss, let alone lean muscle mass.

What Else Should I Know about C9-T11?

C9-T11 makes a lot of outrageous claims and backs it up with the idea of being “guaranteed” to make consumer feel safe. However, by claiming to be guaranteed for 30 days, they probably mean they have a strict money back guarantee that requires users to send products back within the strict 30 days with some kind of RMA number that they have to obtain from customer support, for a 30% restocking fee. It’s not exactly what most would bargain for.

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Have You Used C9-T11? Share Your Experience With Others!